🌸Why Halal In Japan?


🌸Why Halal In Japan?

Halal Food in Nagoya 🎌



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My name is Norah. I’m 5 years old and I live in Nagoya.
My mum is Japanese, and my father is from the UK.  My mum is a quarter Korean and my father has Pakistani roots so, I’m not really what Japanese people consider half, but more like 400%!

Oh, and I’m a Muslim too! Being a Muslim in Nagoya is pretty fun but it wasn’t always like that.

Let me take you back to the start of our journey.
Our journey with Halal food began in 2016.
My mum met my dad at one of our kitchen cars, near Nagoya station.
My mum had been working for Karaage 178, in one of our kitchen cars after returning from Australia and my dad had just come back to Japan to work as an English instructor.


My dad loves fried chicken and was attracted to the fun and exciting look of our kitchen car so he approached to buy a meal, and discovered that the meat that was being used was Halal.

Soon after that, my mum and dad got married and I was born a few years later.

My mum accepted Islam, as my father was a Muslim. 🧕

In Islam, our diet is decided by God, so we can only eat Halal food.
Halal is an Arabic word that means “permissible”.

Another way to look at it, is healthy and good for our bodies!
After I was born, my grandma wanted to make sure all of the food in our restaurant was Halal so I could enjoy all of it without any restrictions.

My grandma and grandpa had been running a Karaage business in Nagoya for over 13 years before I was born, and just for me, they changed their entire menu to Halal.

Isn’t that amazing?

I was so happy that I could eat my grandma’s food, and my mum and dad were happy that they could serve it to other Muslims in Japan.

Since 2020, we changed all of our restaurants to Halal, and do not serve any alcohol or pork related products as these are restricted in Islam.  (I can tell you more about that later!)

Despite these restrictions though, we can still enjoy really tasty Japanese food every day and every day we are grateful that we can enjoy our Japanese culture as well as respect our religious beliefs.

My mum and dad are from different cultures, and western and eastern cultures have many differences.
But the thing that brought us all together, was our religion and our love for family. ♥

If you want to see my grandma and grandpa talk about their company history, check out this cool video they made here!

You might see me in it too!

That’s all for today!

Thank you for reading my blog, and make sure you check out my next post where I’ll tell you all about our vision for future Muslims in Japan, and especially in Nagoya!

Peace be upon you!