What is Halal?

Halal is a specific life discipline which is followed by Muslims, who make up a third of the world’s population. Regarding halal food, the stipulations include no use of pork or alcohol. Here at 178 Karaage, all of our chicken and sauces follow that discipline and we are proud to say that we were certified in 2019. Our Muslim customers can enjoy our food with peace of mind as we follow the Halal way.

Why is it Halal?

The reason why we went Halal is because our eldest daughter married a Muslim man and introduced her beautiful children to the world.
We also recently learned that there are many Muslims living across Japan and there are few Japanese foods that can be enjoyed with peace of mind.
This limits the choice they have for meals as not everywhere is Halal certified.
With these things in mind, we felt a popular choice like Karaage would be pleasing for Muslim visitors and residents of Japan, and they can enjoy a Japanese food while maintaining a halal lifestyle.

Taking Halal to the world.

As of now many people still continue to visit Japan from overseas. We want to make sure you all feel satisfied and can enjoy Japanese food without worry, and by doing so fall in love with Japan even more!
We hope that you can enjoy our family Karaage as your enjoyment really brings us happiness too.