178 fried food is fried food that makes the world smile. One day, one grandmother was delicious and happy to her cute and lovely grandson. She made fried chicken for her adorable grandson. Every day, from morning till night, she thought and worked hard to complete the dish. The result is a very tasty fried bean curd.

「Be delicious!Be delicious!」 Those are the magic words of love. The result is sparkling Halal fried chicken. It was juicy, tender, and It was a very delicious fried bean curd. My grandson was very happy when he ate one piece and said "Delicious! one word, which made grandma very happy. One word made Grandma very happy. Please try such fried food filled with love. Please try it. It will bring a smile to your face.

The Sauce

Based in a special soy sauce, we have curated over time, our family original sauce which is famously known as “178 Sauce” or “Inaba Dare”.
The sauce is stewed for over half a day to ensure its rich flavour, and is adjusted according to the season and temperatures. This delicate process creates the perfect sauce to enjoy with our Karaage from children to adults. It is our flagship flavour that is loved by everyone.

The Chicken

We only use the juiciest chicken thighs for our Karaage.
Each piece is carefully selected by hand, and prepared with care.
It is marinated with our secret sauce for over 3 days, which is just the right timing to create the amazing flavours you will enjoy with your first bite.
We carefully select meat that is rich with vitamins B2 and B12, low calorie and nutritious.

The Result

After being marinated for 3 days in our secret sauce, each piece is carefully placed into our special batter blend and thoroughly covered to avoid any dry patches.
We use a 1:2 blend of potato starch and wheat flour to get just the right consistency for our Karaage. It is then fried in oil at 180c for 3 minutes and then removed and left to rest for 30 seconds.
Only in this perfect condition do we then serve onto your plates.