Karaage for families
around the world.

The first bite.

Karaage178 first started at home with our mother. Right after our father took the “first bite”, he turned to the family and said, “I want to start a shop with this chicken”.
And that is how the Karaage we have today was born. Even to this day our mother is completely in charge of the amazing original flavour.
And everything is handmade, piece by delicious piece.

This Karaage is a “Family Business”

Karaage 178 is a family orientated business centred around our mother, who created this original flavour.
A strong and powerful dad!
A gentle and serving son.
And a daughter with drive and vision.
This small number of people are what keeps the business running.
Because this Karaage is made with family love and kinship, it is Karaage that we especially made to be enjoyed by families.
The flavour of Karaage178 is the flavour of home.

Eating good will leave you feeling good.

Eating good food always brings happiness. It brings us a lot of joy to be able to work around food. With the world in such a difficult place, we strive to put good food on your dining tables to enjoy with your families.